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November 28, 2018

A Second Effort to Sound a Fiscal Alarm in Connecticut

By Mark Pazniokas

The Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth today produced a bleak assessment of Connecticut’s fiscal health for the incoming governor and General Assembly, the panel’s second attempt in nine months to convince policy leaders that the state is rapidly approaching a tipping point.

In a 32-page report, the commission sharpened a sprawling set of prescriptions initially issued on March 1, only to see its work attacked by labor and quickly shelved as a closely divided legislature turned to the short-term task of closing a deficit, balancing the state’s $20 billion budget, and campaigning for re-election.

The commission says the state needs to shrink spending by $1 billion, while adding revenue by modernizing its system of taxation and tax collection — not by raising tax rates. The panel backed away from a previous call to curtail collective bargaining for public employees, instead suggesting Gov.-elect Ned Lamont seek voluntary concessions.

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See local news in: Easton, Fairfield, Norwalk, Weston, Wilton