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November 12, 2018

Bus crash caught on camera

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Dramatic surveillance video of this coach bus crashing into a building on Campbell Avenue in West Haven Saturday morning. The Coach USA bus carrying 50 students went barreling into the garage at Anderson Glass. Police say the driver was coming off of exit 43 when the bus had break failure. Student Bryant So told NEWS8, “The bus started to move very violently.” Look as the bus slams into this garage. Two workers were in the building next door at the time.

John Anderson with the Anderson Glass Co. said, “This bus hit right in the main entrance to the garage and application shop and we were working in the other building so we were glad he chose that one to run through.” A student describes the chaotic scene. So said, “A bunch of debris was crashing through. I got glass all over me. I got wood all over me. I was a real miracle that no one got really really injured.”

The driver was pinned inside. So added, “The bus driver was completely covered in debris and so my first reaction I honestly thought he was dead.” Students pulled debris off the driver before paramedics arrived.

Anderson added, “They started to unload the students out by the time I got here and they were able to open up the side of he bus but he was in the front which was all covered by debris and it took a little while to get him out.” The owner of Anderson Glass Company says the quick thinking bus driver saved a lot of lives. Anderson told NEWS8, “It sounds like he was a hero. He was telling all the students from what I understand to get down and be prepared to be in a crash.”

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See local news in: Hamden, Milford, New Haven, Orange, Woodbridge