Local News for Groton, Connecticut

November 12, 2018

Connecticut volunteers out west to help with wildfires

Flames are ripping and tearing through the hillsides of California, leaving people running for their lives, losing everything and ending up in the hands of Red Cross workers from Connecticut.

“Right now what I’m seeing and smelling and if you look over my shoulder it’s just hot air, filled with soot and smoke. I usually have a mask on, but it would be hard to communicate with you wearing the facemask. It’s aggressive air. What we are seeing people are typically wiping off shoot, ash from their windowsills, from their car windshield, from their bodies,” Joe Apicelli explained.

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Joe lives in Groton and volunteers for the Red Cross. He landed in California Saturday afternoon and hit the ground running. The crew is doing anything they can to help.

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