Local News for Danbury, Connecticut

November 15, 2018

Case reveals shame, trauma of male sex trafficking victims

Like many victims of a Connecticut sex trafficking ring that preyed on troubled young men and teenage boys for more than 20 years, Samuel Marino never told his family or police about being coerced into having sexual relations with much older men.

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Marino ended up carjacking vehicles from two different women in 2009 and leading police on a chase that left him dead at just 26 years old. In a handwritten note found years later in a raid on one of the suspected sex trafficking ring leader’s homes, Marino wrote he was angry, ashamed and disgusted at how he was taken advantage of.

“He couldn’t deal with the torture and the shame of being prostituted and also of being an addict,” said his mother, Linda Marino, who found out about the sex trafficking only after the arrests were announced two years ago. “I’m sure he felt hopelessness and despair. The pain of not being able to help my son Sam when he was going through this is insurmountable.”

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