What We are all about…


For local news readers:

IntownBeat is total local news aggregation, We’re a starting place from which to jump off and find all the news related to just your town or city.

We combine virtually all local and in-state news from websites, newspapers, TV and radio and sorts each news story by town.

We then add every bit of news that is self-generated by local government, civic groups, cultural and art groups, local charities, school boards, local league sports, youth groups, libraries, museums etc.

We use RSS feeds, emails and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and merge it all together to provide a complete look at what’s happening in your town. We literally use thousands of carefully curated sources for each town and state with no fluff or filler, just the facts.

For news organizations:

IntownBeat increases both your reach and the reader’s overall news consumption while leveling the playing field by presenting all sources for a story and allowing readers to easily find everything in one place.

Instead of having readers search for sources and hop around the internet IntownBeat provides the jump-off point. We provide both small and large news organizations the same presence, driving traffic to multiple sources for greater reader perspective and more information.

Our goal is to centralize news by town and drive traffic outward, all sources are readily identified, credited, and linked to and we only use a character-limited “fair use” snippet of any feed to identify the story in order to inform our readers.

For Social Media:

IntownBeat drives traffic IN not out, it brings back occasional or regular users and exposes potential new users. It channelizes local news sources in a way that social media doesn’t and that social media users tend not to do themselves. When combined with all of our other news sources the full scope of local news is revealed.

In Total:

IntownBeat is strictly focused on each town covered, giving every last bit of news we can with no filler. It’s source selection is meticulously done by hand in a process that results in local news aggregation that is true to the identity and character of each town. We focus on the who, what, when and where of local news, there are no politics, advocacy, agenda or opinion sources included. Just the facts.