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Koosh Artisan Bakeshop

Sign up! You just might win!! Koosh Artisan Bakeshop 2019 was a meteoric ☄️ year for us. We succeeded in our mission to deliver outstanding Organic Bread and Baked Goods, and we received so much love from Amarillo’s locals last year that we couldn’t help it and want to give back. We brainstormed for days READ MORE.

Amarillo Pioneer’s 2020 Voter Guide Coming Soon

The Amarillo Pioneer will debut its 2020 Voter Guide next week. Following the conclusion of ballot filing in Texas, the Pioneer sought answers from the candidates to the questions on the minds of voters. Using questions from the Pioneer’s editorial board and those submitted by readers, questionnaires were sent out to the candidates appearing on READ MORE.
Rosser's Ramblings: Cabin Fever01/18/2020

Rosser’s Ramblings: Cabin Fever

Rosser/Provided Photo By Trent Rosser The holidays are finally over with. Thank God! I’m grumpy, irritable, cranky and down right mean at times. I have no patience and I am stressed from spending money and trying to find the right gifts for the right person. After all, what do you get someone that is always READ MORE.
Snider to Host Town Hall in Amarillo01/18/2020

Snider to Host Town Hall in Amarillo

Snider/Photo by Campaign Congressional hopeful Vance Snider will host a town hall meeting in Amarillo to answer questions from voters. On Thursday, January 30, Snider will host his town hall meeting at the Santa Fe Credit Union location at 7600 Hillside. Voters are encouraged to meet the Republican and ask him about the issues that READ MORE.

Arianna Martinez

“Still some work to go on there, but the fact that we’re going to be splitting traffic back onto the main lanes there on I-27 and Hollywood is great news for people who travel that regularly,” Arianna Martinez spoke with TxDOT to hear the plans for construction. Loop 335 in Amarillo will soon be opening READ MORE.
APD Investigating Apartment Complex Shooting01/18/2020

APD Investigating Apartment Complex Shooting

Authorities are currently investigating a shooting at a local apartment complex. According to APD, officers were dispatched at 9:39PM on Thursday night to an apartment complex in the 4100 block of SW 45th on a shooting. Officers arrived to find that Kendrick Freeman, 23, has been shot. AMS was called to the scene, although Freeman READ MORE.

Suzette Shelley KFDA

“So, I start getting calls, texts, e-mail messages from friends. So, evidently it has gotten into my contact list. And had sent an e-mail to everyone in my contact list, I mean business, personal, you name it,” Suzette Shelley KFDA spoke with the victim to hear how this scam affected him. An Amarillo man was READ MORE.

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