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Request For Proposals

Professional Construction Program Management Services New Haven Parking Authority Capital Projects New Haven, CT NHPA Project #20-055 Proposals due February 10, 2021 at 3:00 P.M. Proposal Documents will be available beginning January 20, 2021 at no cost by emailing Fortunata Houde, Executive Secretary at fhoude@nhparking.com . New Haven Parking Authority is an equal opportunity/affirmative action READ MORE.
Artists Live For The City01/15/2021

Artists Live For The City

Urban Passage 22.” alt=”Susan Reedy” />Susan Reedy’s Urban Passage 22 looks at once like a well-used place to post public bills, and like time-lapse photography, and like the view from a speeding train. Scraps of messages come and go, flickering in and out of sight before we can fully comprehend them. We know that the READ MORE.