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When Melancholy Met Hope09/22/2020

When Melancholy Met Hope

When the author, jazz critic and poet Stanley Crouch died last week, some folks in Greater New Haven must have recalled, as I did, what happened on the first day of autumn in 2016. Crouch, seated with cane in hand in a room at the Whitney Humanities Center, lured a crowd of about 50 that READ MORE.
Appointees: Less Parking = More Housing09/22/2020

Appointees: Less Parking = More Housing

What’s one surefire way to increase the city’s housing supply, boost the local tax base, and incentivize the development of more affordable housing? According to two newly confirmed city commissioners, the answer lies in part in reforming — or even scrapping entirely — the city zoning code’s minimum parking requirements. Read the rest of the READ MORE.
It's Official: "Italian Heritage Day" Replaces "Columbus Day" In New Haven09/22/2020

It’s Official: “Italian Heritage Day” Replaces “Columbus Day” In New Haven

Good-bye, Columbus Day. Hello, Italian Heritage Day. Starting this year, the city-recognized holiday on the second Monday in October will no longer be named after the 15th-century European explorer whom many Italian-Americans celebrated as a heroic, cultural icon, and whom critics lambasted as an enslaver of Indigenous peoples and an emblem of violent white supremacy. READ MORE.