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Bridgeport News: Assault

2021-09-22@3:54pm–#Bridgeport CT– First responders on scene of an assault on Carrol Avenue. No further details because, well Joe…. This news report is made possible by: The post Bridgeport News: Assault appeared first on DoingItLocal. Read the rest of the article on READ MORE.

Agenda for September 22nd, 2021 Regular Library Board Meeting and Public Documents

Agenda Library Budget as of 9.16.21 payroll variance_09.17.2021 Tentative Board Vouchers for 09.22.21 meeting Kellogg & Sovereign – BRPL Fee Schedule 2022-23 Invoices for Board Vouchers 09.22.21 Invoice for Board Vouchers 09.22.21 II FY22 Board Voucher 09.22.21 IV CSC Paymaster Bridgeport Publ_16010_Bridgeport Publi_971842880_07-09-2020 Staff Reports – City Librarian Report 9.22.21.docx Staff Reports – Assistant City READ MORE.

See local news in: Easton, Fairfield, Stratford, Trumbull