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2019-2020 BCS Contracts01/14/2020

2019-2020 BCS Contracts

  2019-2020 BCS IT Director-Salary Agreement 2019-2020 Business Manager-Salary Agreement BCS Facilities Manager-Salary Agreement 2019-2020 Contract-Principal 2019-2022 Contract-Director 2019-2020 Contract-Superintendent  … Read the article on bethany-ct.com READ MORE.

Student achievements, Jan. 8, 2020

* Amity Middle School in Bethany was recognized as one of the top middle schools in Connecticut in the “Governor’s 2019 Summer Reading Challenge.” Two of the school’s avid readers, Virginia Luciano and Sebastian Kohncke, represented Amity Middle School in Bethany along with Dr. Marie McPadden, Amity’s Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, at the READ MORE.